Wednesday, January 16, 2013

....but ava never did this!

I find myself saying this A LOT lately.

And here's why.

Grayson has decided that he no longer likes to sleep in his own bed. He'll pass out as soon as we get in the car to go somewhere....even if it's just 10 minutes down the road to get Ava from school. He has no problem falling asleep in my bed. And I seriously don't know what to do! Sunday night we put him to bed like we normally do and he wasn't having any of it! He actually flipped himself out of his crib. Yep. Right over the rails & on to the floor. He came walking into Ava's room with his blankies in hand like everything was all honkey dory. The hubs decided that it was time to change his bed into a toddler bed. So, there we were at 8pm on Sunday night changing out rails. Awesome. He HATES it. Like, really hates it. We put the child proof knob cover over the door. He got it off. We locked the door. He unlocked it. We put the gate at his door. He stands behind it and screams. And throws blankets, pacis, toys, and diapers over it.

Last night, the hubs had the brilliant idea to use some duct tape to keep the child proof knob cover on. G was less than thrilled with that idea. He must have stood at his door for at least two and a half hours crying. I felt terrible just leaving him in there. But, I THINK he eventually fell asleep....I know I did! I heard him crying again {louder than earlier in the night} around 3am and broke down and let him come in our bed. He must have slept some in his room last night because he's up and running around right now.

I'm praying this is some kind of weird phase he's going through and he gets over it soon. I'm trying my hardest to be tough and not cave in to him when he cries at bedtime & nap time.....but it's SO HARD!

I'm ready for a full nights sleep with no crying.

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