Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lately, that's how I've felt. And I have NO clue as to why. The kids are great, things between the hubs and I are great, the weather is GORGEOUS......but I just feel blah. I have no excuse for the way that I've been feeling. And it's been going on for a few weeks now. I just can't figure out what has triggered this horrible mood.

May was another extremely quick & busy month. Here's a rundown on how our month went.....
  • the hubs had to go to arizona for a week. it went by fairly fast. and we only had one day where ava had a terrible meltdown. the mil was supposed to come pick her up one day....and of course cancelled. once ava found out, that was it.
  • the weekend the hubs got home, ava had her dance recital. THANK GOD ballet is over with for the year. actually, the day the hubs got home was the same day as her dress rehearsal, and it was also game night. holybusyfriday! my mom picked the hubs up at the airport while i took ava to rehearsal. the next night was her recital & i must say....she did great! however, i am very happy with our decision to switch dance studios. and i'll leave it at that!
  • mother's day. it was a hot mess. my mom isn't a fan of mother's day ever since her mom passed away. and that's totally fine. usually, my mom & i would go out to lunch and then spend the afternoon shopping. yeah. didn't happen. that kind of put me in a bad mood. and then of course that put the hubs in a bad mood. it just wasn't a good day.
  • the kids & i went to beaufort, sc along with my mom to visit my amazing sister in law. i must say, i am SO very thankful to have such an amazing relationship with her. beaufort & charleston, sc are BEAUTIFUL! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to one day live in downtown charleston! 
  • both of the kids & i came home from our little trip under the weather. ava had the sniffles the ENTIRE time we were drove me nuts! grayson SCREAMED bloody murder in the car the ENTIRE way home. thank the lord my mom was with me....other wise.....i would have totally lost it!
  • memorial day weekend. we got to do dinner with our favorites (the fitts) friday night. saturday we went to a local park for the annual "alabama jubilee". it's so disappointing. at least the kids had fun & were able to run around! sunday we spent the afternoon pool side at my mom & dads. even though they weren't home....we still had fun. and monday. monday was good. we went back over to my mom & dad's to spend the day at the pool. as we were all swimming, molly showed up! we all thought she was heading back to beaufort sunday.....but she changed her mind! it was so nice to see her again! 
Really, the worst of the month was Mother's Day. It was such a disappointing day. Well, not really disappointing, just kind of depressing I guess. There was nothing special about it. It was just like any other day. I know. It sounds selfish. But, selfishly, I wanted to be made to feel special on Mother's Day! Especially since I spent the previous week at home alone with the kids. 

So who knows. Maybe it was Mother's Day that sent me into this crazy, gross, gloomy mood. Maybe it was coming home from a great weekend away sick. Who knows. I just hope this passes quickly. I'm ready to start feeling "normal" again.

june photo a day

The third time's a charm, right!?

Let's give this a serious try!!

1. Morning
Take a photo of anything from your morning; you in bed, breakfast, commuting to work, anything!
2. Empty
Take a photo of anything empty; an empty room, glass, bottle, sky, beach, anything!
3. On your plate
What's on your plate? That could mean - what's on your to-do list today? Or literally what's on your breakfast/lunch/dinner plate?
4. Close-up
Take a photo of something close-up; your eye, the grass, a toy ... absolutely anything!
5. Sign
Take a photo of a street sign, a shop sign, someone doing sign language, any sign!

6. Hat
Take a photo of you wearing a hat, someone else wearing a hat, a hat in a shop - and yes those in cooler months - beanies count!

7. Drink
Take a photo of a drink, a beverage etc
8. 6 o'clock
Take a photo of what you're doing at either 6am or 6pm. Or take a photo of the clock at that time.
9. Your view today
What's your view today? What can you see? Snap it. Share it!
10. Best bit of your weekend
What was the best bit about your weekend? Take a photo of it.

11. Door
Take a photo of a door, big or small.
12. From a low angle
Get down low and shoot.
13. Art
Take a photo of a piece of art you have displayed in your home, you've created or you see while out. Any art will do!
14. Time
Take a photo of time; a clock, a watch, before and after - anything that symbolises time!
15. Yellow
Take a photo of anything yellow - the sun, or something you see!
16. Out and about
Get out and about today and take a photo of what you do.
17. In your bag
What's in your bag? Share it.
18. Something we don't know about you
Can you twist your tongue? Did you get a diploma in something? Do you love Justin Bieber bad? Share something that we might not know about you

19. Imperfect
Share something imperfect. Is it you? A broken glass? An irregular shape. Something!
20. Fave photo you've ever taken
Re-share a favourite photo that you've taken over time or shoot a new favourite!
21. Where you slept
Where did you sleep last night? Take a photo and share it.
22. From a high angle
Shoot your photo from a high angle looking down.
23. Movement
Take a photo of movement; a car flying by, a person dancing, someone jumping - anything!
24. On your mind
What are you thinking about? The news? Your family? Yourself? Share what's on your mind.
25. Something cute
Did you spot something cute? An animal? A person? A thing?
26. Where you shop
Do you shop online? Or in a store? Share where you shop.
27. Bathroom
Share a bathroom - yours, a public one, a friends - can even just be the door.
28. On the shelf
Shoot a shelf and what's on it.
29. Soft
What's soft? Is it your hair, a toy, a sofa, or something else?
30. A friend
Take a snap of a friend and share it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



I pretty much went this entire month without blogging! This past month has definitely been a busy one! The hubs was out of town for a week.....and it felt more like 2 or 3! Ava had her dance recital, the kids & I ventured to Beaufort, SC to visit my sister in law with my mom, Mother's Day came & went just like any other day, we "celebrated" Memorial Day at my mom & dad's house.....and we had tball games & practices!

The past couple days I've been in a bit of a funk. And honestly, I don't know why.  Hopefully it passes soon!!!

Here are a few pics from some of the fun that went on this month!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

photo a day{may9 : something you do every day}

laundry around here is never ending. the past two days i have put off touching these baskets. all of our laundry is clean.....however....i just don't feel like folding it. sad. i know.

one week as a single mom......

......feels more like one month!

The hubby is in Phoenix for work. He left super early Monday morning & doesn't get back until Friday afternoon. 

I am BEYOND ready for him to be home. I am NOT a fan of him having to travel for work. I was fine with it when we only had Ava. And it wasn't so bad when Grayson was just a newborn. But now, holy cow. These kids wear me out! During the day, I'm fine. Things are "normal". The evenings are the worst. Mostly after the kids go to bed. I get SO flipping bored. My house is clean. Laundry is done. Dishes are done. By 8:30, I'm ready for bed...but as soon as I make my way upstairs & get in bed, I can't fall asleep. Craziness I tell you!

Here's a break-down of our week so far :
  • MONDAY : dropped the hubby off at the airport at flipping 6:30am. came home for breakfast. ventured out to costco & then publix. had dinner at chick & dudes.
  • TUESDAY : mowed the front yard. weeded the flower bed. dug up a dead bush. redistributed mulch in the flower bed. took ava to her LAST BALLET CLASS OF THE YEAR! went to low's for new plants & air filters. had dinner. gave baths. mopped the floors. bed.
  • WEDNESDAY : hair appointment. naps. dinner at red robin with the fitts (minus one!). mother's day shopping for chick. target. babies r us. home. bed!
Tomorrow is going to be another busy day....thank goodness!!! Ava has tball practice & then I have a "mommy date" with my awesome neighbor! We decided to treat ourselves to some Starbucks & a relaxing pedicure! I can not wait!!!

Here's to hoping & praying that tomorrow goes by quickly.....minus the pedicure time! I am very ready to see the hubs!!! And, it doesn't hurt that Friday night we're also having Game Night with our favorite families ever!!!!!!

making sidewalk art is always fun!
my coffee table was so nice and clean....until someone woke up from their nap!
coloring while eating dinner is only acceptable while daddy is out of town!
random tea party on the deck with chick!!
so grown. time needs to slow down.
they were SO well behaved while i got my hair done!
waiting for sister to finish up ballet class is exhausting!
more sidewalk chalk fun!
my sleeping buddy while the hubs is away!
what a faker!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

photo a day{may7-8}

I know. I missed 2 days. Things have been a little hectic around here....

may7{someone that inspires you}
cheesy....i know. but my kids.

may8{a smell you adore}
i am in LOVE with "perfectly pomegranate" by scentsy. like seriously. and i have my neighbors 2 year old to thank :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

photo a day{may4 : fun}

tonight, we celebrated cinco de mayo early.
the fitts invited us out to dinner.....along with the adams girls. 
dinner with them is always nice!!!
afterwards...we came back to out house to watch a movie while the kids played.
it's always fun when we all get together!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

photo a day{may1-3}

May has started off as a quiet month. But it's still early. So I won't jinx it! We have a LOT of fun & exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.....first up is Ava's first t-ball game! I can not WAIT!! 


enjoying some peace & quiet while the kids nap.

love the view out of the back door.

may3{something you wore today}
ava insisted that i paint my toes to match hers. i love this girl.