Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Living Room Re-do!

A few weeks ago....I finally got around to putting up our updated family pictures from our beach trip. It was SO hard to decide what prints to order!!! And finding frames....HA! That's nearly impossible....or so I thought!!! 

I was able to score an AMAZING frame at the new HomeGoods for a whopping $14.99!! Not too shabby for a matted frame to hold an 11 x 14!!! I found ONE frame at Hobby Lobby & the rest at WalMart(!!!!!!shocker!!!!!!). It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to arrange them. But, after moving them around a million times, I finally had the frames situated the way I liked them. Once that was done, I was able to get a few "filler" pieces! I got two crosses & a big "S" from Hobby Lobby for all of MAYBE $10!! My wall was fairly inexpensive! And I must say, I'm pretty proud of it! Here's the finished product......

I LOVE the way it turned out!! And how the "random" frames!! All I need is a little something to go above the black & white photo of the kids........


I did two more little updates in the living room this month. Zoe decided to leave us a pretty little present on the area rug. So, it had to be replaced since it wouldn't come clean. I have been DYING to get a "shag" rug for the living room....and this was the perfect excuse to finally get it! 

It looks SO much better & is a lot more comfortable of a rug!!! And, you can't see the dog hair...or the dog!!!!


Next, I had to break down & replace my living room pillows. The ones I had were SUPER old. Like, almost 8 years old. And were home made. I had to wash them about a week ago.....and in the process, they ripped. Well, the two big ones did. I tried to make them work as long as I could. But, we were having company over last weekend & I couldn't bare to have them any longer! So, off to WalMart I went! I was actually really surprised at what I found! I love the subtle pop's of color!!! The living room totally feels more "homey" now! 


OH! Before I forget....we FINALLY got our back door replaced! Here's a peek at the NEW door & window treatments!!

Sorry for the horrible picture! I'll post more on this lovely experience later!!!!

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